About Jesse

"Look, I'm not an intellectual - I just take pictures"
— Photographer Helmut Newton

I was first drawn to the camera as a teenager by the spectacular black and white photography of Ansel Adams. In addition, I’ve always had a great appreciation for architecture, the subtleties of light and shadow, and the strong bold lines of modern buildings.

My photography encompasses all of these passions, often striving to combine the drama of Adams’ work with a contemporary vision of the commonplace - the graceful contours of a skateboard park, or the contrast between billowing clouds and the bold angles of a modern structure. Although I'm primarily a black and white photographer, in recent years, color and more traditional “scenic” photography have also found a place in my work.

I don’t hide “deep meaning” in my photographs, but attempt to show how captivating even the most mundane subjects can be when viewed in a unique way. Most of my images are narrowed down to very precise elements. There’s rarely anything in a composition that I didn't intend to be (and if there is, I probably won’t sleep well at night).

My work has been exhibited in a number of venues in the Seattle area, and featured in Shutterbug Magazine as well as digital photography magazines abroad.

Today, I make my living doing architectural and real estate photography. For the time being, I am not selling my art photography.